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My previous Life

January 12, 2019

I owe my life to Snyper and Goldie. After a Chinook crash in Afghanistan, I was the only survivor and I tried to keep myself alive for days around the wreck while burying my dead friends. My brain was totally clear from the adrenalin rush when the heli crashed and I thought This is the end, but I still expected some kind of more irrational reaction or break down at some point. Luckily that wasn’t now. The adrenaline kept it away.

I knew there was a transponder in the heli, but I didn’t know if it worked. And if it did, it could take days to send people up in these cold and rocky mountains to find me. Military equipment is, apart from the black box – which actually is orange, only rarely equipped with transponders but this heli should have a special powerful transponder that besides a radio signal also emits a flashing light as well as beeping sounds.

Even though I had all the weapons and ammo I could ever ask for, I ended up in a rather impossible situation and I was captured by this insanely ruthless local drug lord and his men, who were responsible for the heat-seeker that took the heli down. I know there are rebels in the mountains who claim they have taken helis down with RPG’s – that’s a rocket that can be fired manually from your shoulder, but if the heli is more than 250 feet away, a takedown would be pure luck – even if the target is stationary. A moving target such as a flying heli is impossible to take down without any kind of tech to assist you and that kind of equipment is very rare in Afghanistan – unless it says “Made in the USA” on it.

The US supplied the Mujahidin’s with Stinger missiles to fight Russian helicopters, so maybe there are still some of these things around. My best guess is that it was a Stinger. But luckily we were only 30-50 feet above the ground and I think my luck was that the heat seeker hit the front engine and I was all the way back in the heli. At least I have no better explanation.

It sure took them a long time to reach the crash site and all they wanted was to look for weapons and stuff they could use or sell. Scavengers. They didn’t expect to find survivors so I managed to eliminate three of them with my baby – a H&K G36K which is the perfect gun for a woman, it almost fits in a handbag; before they changed strategy and succeeded in surrounding me.

Despite all the military hardware that was scattered around the site, he was convinced that I was an American spy and he took me to the mountains where I was tortured and beaten up for days. He had a crew of approximately 15 men (left) and they lived here under very primitive circumstances. The smell of dirt, garbage, primitive open toilets, and dead animals was unbelievably unbearable. It’s sticky and once you get it in your nose, your memory of it will cause you to keep on smelling it for the rest of your life.

In Scandinavia, there was a guy with a shiny name. Rumor says he was born with his hair shining like gold. His dad called him The Golden Child and even wrote a song about it. Later on, he took the name Goldie.

This Golden guy had a business. A shy business that was, but nevertheless very profitable. He was trying to expand his business to other countries to make even more money. He knew Afghanistan far better than his own bank statements as he spent many years in the country after the Russians left in 1989 and he knew that he could make a fortune out there.

They grow a lot of poppies in Afghanistan and after the US occupation in 2001, the production has been on the rise. This is not a coincidence. There’s a reason why we call CIA the Cocaine Import Agency! They got planes! And they control airports in Afganistan as well as in the US and a lot of other countries all over the world. Besides overthrowing 50 foreign governments during the last 50 years, they also make a shitload of money by distributing and selling Coke in the US.

In fact, the Taliban declared Opium anti-Islamic the year before the US invasion and made it illegal to grow poppies, so the farmers were poor, hungry and unhappy at that time.

But – a long story short… the cocaine business exploded and everybody wanted their share. That’s why Goldie and his friend Snyper, went to Afghanistan that summer in 2008.

Goldie was there in ’89 and he had ‘secured’ a lot of military equipment from the Russian Special Forces in the days after they left the country. Mostly cars, ammo, and weapons. Everything stashed up in the mountains in a very remote area. Actually so remote that no one would ever find it. Not even by accident. The houses are built into the mountains and are practically invisible from the air and they are connected to a network of caves the Russians used as a military depository.

The site is located approximately 220 miles from the Chinook crash site. And about 230 miles away from the place I was held captured, which was somewhere east of a village called Adraskan. This country is so huge you can’t grasp it, there are so much dessert and so many mountains, that endlessness and hopelessness melt together in a big pool of nothingness.

This drug lord – his name was Lev – I don’t know if it was some kind of short for Levinsky or something and now it sure as hell doesn’t matter, but he knew the existence of the Russian base and he was never able to find the materials they left behind. That was because Goldie was there first! They usually go there a few times every year to pick up weapons and ship them back to the US and sell them through their network – and bring some drugs home too at the same time. Usually, they checked this cabin because they knew it was one of Lev’s secure places. This time they were lucky! And that was my luck too.

Goldie knew Lev! Mostly because his father worked for the KGB and spent years trying to find him. Lev was a high ranked senior tactical genius in the Russian mafia. Goldie never met him, but he knew exactly who he was and approximately where he was. Goldie’s father retired before he could find Lev and he was very excited to know that Goldie almost stumbled into him in the same area he was stationed years earlier!

Goldie and Snyper had been monitoring the cabins where Lev and his people resided for a few days and suddenly they noticed that I was brought up from the caves and tied to a chair in one of the cottages and apparently they decided to do something. As Snyper said: ”We were going to level this place to ground zero anyway, so let’s start shooting!”

I was tied to a chair and I had a hard time seeing what was going on. Lev had severely beaten me up and I had blood in my eyes which made it hard to keep them open. He kept on shouting: “Who sent you? Who is your boss”? I did not answer, which caused him to beat me up even more.

Goldie and Snyper had taken up residence on the slope of the mountain opposite Lev’s cottages the night before and it was in the morning Snyper discovered me through his Leupold Mark 4 telescopic sight. The lasered distance was 5.089 feet or 1.696 yards, which are well within this rifle’s capacity. The bullet velocity is 2.800 feet/sec. So the travel distance is 1.8 seconds. That means after the shot has been fired, the target would have 1.8 seconds to remove himself from the trajectory.

No problem – Snyper told me later. The cabins were small and the only place he could go was out of the door and that was exactly the way the bullet would travel. It would take him 2.5 to 3 seconds to get out of that door, so he would get hit somewhere in the upper body anyway. This rifle will spit molten chunks of the second amendment with a velocity that makes sure these guys won’t reincarnate until the next millennium!

The original plan was to wait and watch some more and then initiate the attack at night. But the situation changed. Snyper noticed that Lev’s behavior got more aggressive so Goldie rapidly armed himself with his AK47 – which is his favorite weapon in almost any situation – a backup gun with a silencer and a few doomsday grenades, and he climbed down the mountain to get closer. It took him almost twenty minutes to reach the cabin.

“And then we released hell on them,” Snyper said. “There were 15 men and they didn’t have a chance to see where the shots came from. And that’s the beauty of the mountains. The sound of the shot is echoed back and forth between the mountain walls so it is virtually impossible to locate the shooter and in daylight, they can’t see the muzzle flame. They were totally confused”.

The first to go was Lev. Goldie was almost in position when Snyper noticed that Lev took out his handgun, made sure a bullet was in the chamber and slowly started to point it at me. The situation escalated and he had to act fast. 1.8 seconds is a very long time to travel for a bullet 5.000 feet away. So he fired and exactly 1.8 seconds later Lev checked out. For good. He was slammed into the floor with a .50″ bullethole from a Barrett M82A1 rifle in his chest. And when I say bullet hole I really mean bullethole!

The Barrett M82A1 rifle is extremely powerful! It will spit molten chunks of the second amendment with a velocity that makes sure these guys won’t reincarnate until the next millennium!

This is not really a sniper rifle as the precision is much less than that of a bolt action sniper rifle. You don’t usually target personnel with this. It is a rifle you use when hunting mammoths and 18 wheelers! It is designed to kill a truck engine at 3000 feet! Or shoot a plane out of the sky in a burning smoking fireball”!

And it saved my life.

It literally took his heart out – if he ever had one! The Barrett is a semi-automatic long-range sniper rifle and with the Leupold Mark 4 telescopic sight, it is like being present in the room with the guy you take out, Snyper said. ”You stop breathing because you feel he can hear you – even though he is 5.000 feet away”.

“Did you get him?” Goldie asked over the walkie. ”Elvis has left the building”, Snyper replied calmly.

I was in shock and completely overwhelmed by this unimaginable relief, as I slowly began to grasp the fact that this scumbag, who was now lying on the floor – in more than one piece, would never ever cross my path again. At least not in this lifetime. I only heard a swuuuuschh, a flop and a body falling to the ground. Then two or three seconds of complete silence where my entire life speeded through my mind and then a loud bang coming from outside the cabin. I looked around and the first thing I noticed was the light from the door which almost blinded me as the sun was rising. I could barely open my eyes because I had blood running down my face and had to blink a lot. But the sun’s rays signaled hope and life. The next thing I saw was the wall behind me. It was 10 feet away but most of it was red. Painted red with blood and thousands of small pieces of Lev’s heart, spread all over the wall from floor to ceiling. It was incredibly red and he was incredibly dead. First then I realized that somebody shot Lev. I first thought it must have been one of his own men, and then I just heard AK47’s bark at each other.

From there on I only remember foggy things. More shooting. Machinegun fire, some explosions, and shortly after Goldie ran through the door, picked me up, cut the ropes that tied me to the chair, gave me some water, and carried me out of the building. At the time I thought I was ok, but my left arm was broken twice, I had several internal bleedings and a mild concussion.

Snyper took out 8 men and Goldie went in with blazing guns and hellfire and stirred up the nest which made it easier for Snyper to hit something. 7 hillbillies on the wrong end of his AK47 – that’s unfair – to them! Even though many of them also had AK47s. About the tactics, Goldie always only has one and it works every time: Create so much confusion and noise so fast that they can not figure out what is going on and where the enemy comes from, and take them out before the noise disappears and before they realize they are under attack.

By Debra Quincy

Debra has been an outsider all her life. She never knew her father and she lost her mother and sisters very early. So she did not want any friends. They would only be taken away from her – just like everyone else before. Going to war actually saved her and finding true friends in the army started her healing process.

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  1. Lenora

    Here it started. Our reunion. It’s fantastic to read. Again! Read it over and over and still can’t believe all that happened. But I can’t describe how happy I am being family again ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Johann Erichsson

    Man this is powerful stuff! The world has a flip side that is really dark and needs a lot of light.


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